Dragan’s Den Hostels Korčula and on Plitvice Lakes are welcoming bloggers this April, May, June, and September to experience our programs and explore the destinations. 

Budding travel writer/blogger in search of the next destinations to visit and write about? Dragan’s Den Hostels in Korčula offers 3 days of free accommodation at each destination to bloggers who impress us the most with their travel stories and writing style. Free accommodation in a private double room, so it is free to bring a travel buddy with you too! Bloggers from other niches are also most welcome to apply! To apply, just send in the link to find your work and provide us with your contact details. 



Called by the Greeks Korkyra Melaina (Black nymph Korčula) because of its rich pine and cypress vegetation, island Korcula is also known as the world’s birthplace first globetrotter Marco Polo.  Island Korcula – how to get to and some generalities. Things to do.

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