We’ve been actually interested in weight loss and how it comes with the territory of traveling. Quite a few travelers we have met reported how they lost weight since venturing on their travels. Some have planned the travel with that specific goal on their mind. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since travel, especially with a heavy backpack, usually includes lots of walking.

So, we tried to think of a fun activity for us and our guests who would like an activity that includes sightseeing, perhaps taking some photos, and burning those calories once in Korcula. Activity that is not swimming and that one can take upon at any time of the year.

We decided to try it out ourselves and recommend to all future visitors – walk through all 26 streets of the Old Korcula Town in one go. But we really mean ALL. How much time should you set aside for this endeavor? Half an hour up to 15 minutes if you are a relatively fast runner. If you like taking it easy and slowly, stopping and taking photos, walking instead of running, take anywhere between an hour up to an hour and a half, max 2.


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Korcula Old Town Map Walking Route

Korčula Old Town is built in the unique shape of a fishbone. Streets overlap with the main street, which runs from the southern part to the northern part of the town, dividing it into two equal halves. The streets to the East have been curved because, during the winter months, they protect the town from the constant torture of the Bura wind and the rainy Jugo. On the other side, the West’s streets are straight and freely allow the refreshing western breeze Maestral to flow through them, cooling the town during hot summer months. It is natural and definitely one of the oldest air-conditioning systems adding to reasons you should come, visit and explore Korcula Old Town.

Following are only a few photos collected during some of the walks in Old Town. If you happen to be on a similar mission when in Korcula, get in touch, would love to hear what you think of it. And definitely, any good weight loss tips you heard or tried on your travels, send them over!

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